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Maura Marziali is born at Petritoli on 4th May 1951. She passed her infancy in her village surrounded by fields and meadows, observing curiously all the little miracles and rituals of the nature. Creating fairy-tales has been quite instinctive for her; Maura has begun to do it from the elementary school, entertaining her classmates with stories she invented on the moment. Subsequently she begun to write them down because she didn't want to loose them. Some of her most beautiful stories have been published in the volume "The Lair of Dreams".

Since many years Maura lives at Ascoli Piceno (in the italian region Marche) where she is dedicated, with her husband Roberto, to her woodworking company Legnovivo, where she has the opportunity to express her creativity also in the artistic handicraft.

Thanks to the idea of a teacher, Maura has begun to visit the schools of Ascoli Piceno, to read her fairy-tales; the children are enthusiastic and have learned to appreciate who opens them a fascinating door to the magical world of fairy-tales, in a reality  where nearly nobody loses time in opening a book in order to entertain a child. In this experience Maura has seen how much the children are ready to listen and to develop their fantasy, often even collaborating with her in realizing a story. Thanks to the collaboration of Giordana Galli, a young illustrator that often participates at these visits at school, the children have the possibility to illustrate with her their favourite stories.

Maura often wrote fairy-tales on request, and one of the most beautiful and appreciated stories is "The Army of the Rats", included in "The Lair of Dreams", written for the little Riccardo. So she had the idea to write stories on commission, a magnificent idea in order to give to a child its personal story.

Home Welcome Vocation Lair of Dreams Streetlamp in love Comments Info